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Shun Kitchen Knife Block Set, Damascus Steel

Bamboo Classic VG-10 6 Piece

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Kitchen Knife Block Set, ForgedShun Cutlery's Classic six-piece knife block set gives home chefs the best foundation knives for kitchen prep plus a full-sized bamboo knife block with plenty of room for expansion. Add the best knives in your current assortment to the block and replace them with even better ones as time allows.

The three Shun Classic knives in this set cover a wide range of important kitchen tasks from peeling and removing flaws in fruits and vegetables to sandwich prep, carving, and slicing. The main knife is the eight-inch chef's knife, but the set includes paring and utility blades -- all three built with Shun's high quality Damascus steel. The outer shell of these blades consists of 32 layers of tough stainless steel for shock resistance and flexible strength. The inner core is a single layer of extremely hard VG-10 stainless steel, tempered to take an acute edge and provide long-lasting wear resistance.

Shun's Damascus knives cut with less friction than the best traditional western blades, partly because of the thin bevel and also because the layers of steel form a rippled surface. Less steel contacts the work, and like a good santoku, the knives shed slices of food easily and glide through the work. The dark grips of the Shun Classic knives form from layers of resin-saturated birchwood around a strong rat tail tang. This ebony black handle matches up perfectly to the forged stainless steel bolster and end cap. The D-shaped grip provides extra purchase for the fingers and a quick orientation to the blade.

A sharpening steel -- specially developed for the hard edges of Shun knives -- and a pair of Taskmaster shears complete the tools in the set. Shun's laminated bamboo knife block has the beauty and durability of hardwood but uses quickly regenerated natural materials.

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