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Samurai Handmade Forged Sword & Bag by Trademark

Premium Full Tang Katana w/ Scabbard, Gift Box

Posted by JT Hats

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Samurai Handmade Forged Sword & Bag byTrademark's Premium Handmade katana could be a good blade, but origins are uncertain and the quality of some parts is marginal. It's an interesting display sword and potentially something more, but the testing is up to you.

The full tang katana blade shows a full length hi or blood groove which often is a feature of blades which are forged rather than stamped. In general the construction is traditional, but many parts are modern substitutes for the older and preferred materials. The blade guard or tsuba and the pommel of the sword were cast from zinc and aluminum rather than brass or iron. Synthetic rayskin covers the hardwood grip, and the ito or woven grip is synthetic cord.

The Premium Katana's hardwood scabbard has a natural finish which brings out the beauty of the wood instead of covering it with lacquer, as is traditionally done. The sword comes in an attractive presentation box lined with fabric and suitable either for storage or display. A black storage bag also is included.

The full-sized, 40-inch-long carbon steel katana displays 28 inches of cutting edge. While probably best used for display only, the sword might be an entry-level cutter if properly honed. Other better known entry-level cutters are available in a similar price range. With the Trademark Premium Samurai, there's very little information from the manufacturer to back up the hope of an unusually good bargain blade.

See the Musashi Miyamoto Battle Ready Katana if you're interested in a more dependable cutter.

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