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Ironwood Kitchen Knife Tray Drawer Organizer, Eco Friendly

Gourmet Cutlery Storage for 7, Acacia Hardwood

Posted by JT Hats

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Ironwood Kitchen Knife DrawerIronwood Gourmet's Knife Organizer of acacia wood fits nearly any standard kitchen utensil drawer. The organizer provides storage for seven of your good knives and won't take up working room on the counter top.

This compact knife organizer -- only 17 inches by 4 inches by 2-1/2 inches -- holds three large knives and four smaller ones. The large knives -- like chef's knife, carving knife, or santoku -- fill the spaces between the dividers, and the blades of the smaller knives fit slots in the wooden dividers themselves. Knife handles do project an inch or more above the organizer, depending on the brand and type of knife, so plan to install the block in a drawer deep enough for clearance. Three-and-a-half inches of depth should be enough.

Ironwood Gourmet chooses environmentally friendly hardwoods for its products, and the acacia wood in this organizer is one of the best. The acacia lumber comes from plantations in Southeast Asia, where this fast-growing legume is planted for renewable, controlled harvesting. No natural forest was felled to provide these materials. Ironwood Gourmet also works with renewable bamboo and with the wood of the rubber tree, using trees felled on rubber plantations after their latex production declines.

Care of the acacia knife storage block is simple -- just rub it down with butcher block oil occasionally. In case of a spill, the block washes clean by hand with soap and water. Don't leave it soaking, and don't run it through the dishwasher. After hand washing, air-dry the block and re-apply oil.

See the J.A. Henckels 13-Slot In-Drawer Storage Block for more storage in a similar design.

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