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Shamshir Persian Sword w/ Leather Sheath by Bud K

Prince of Persia Warrior or Fantasy Pirate Cutlass

Posted by JT Hats

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Shamshir Persian Sword w/ LeatherThis cutlass-style sword from Bud K. shows the flair of a blade from Prince of Persia -- but buy it for its good looks, not historical accuracy.

The brass pommel, hardwood grip, and brass handguard place this 46-1/2-inch-long sword a level or two above the usual fantasy sword. Lack of plastic really enhances the feel of this heavy, high carbon stainless steel blade. The 34-inch cutting edge could have been inspired by the ancestor of the mameluke sword, now carried as part of the U.S. Marine Corps dress uniform. True shamshirs from the days of the Persian Empire were different in form from this simplified modern blade. Made for slashing, the long, curved, narrow shamshirs tapered only near the point. Shamshirs were built light for attacking from horseback, but Bud K.'s version better resembles a pirate's cutlass. The heavy forward section could do a decent job of chopping and piercing if the blade was combat steel. The curve of the hardwood grip does increases the holding friction during a swing and encourages some swordplay tests, so be careful. This is a massive sword you'll be tempted to try out.

As a collector's piece for display, it's pleasing with cast ornamentation on the pommel and handguard that lends to the more modern fantasy weapon look of this blade. The sword's stitched leather sheath could hang from the belt or a shoulder strap, but the metal snap fittings aren't to be trusted. Stitching on the sheath is a little rough, but it's functional.

The gleaming single-edged blade won't require much maintenance. Provided with a false edge -- shaped but not truly sharpened -- it's a grand sword for re-enactments and collections, but cutting practice may do the blade some damage.

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