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Solingen Forged Bamboo Knife Block Set by Victorinox

17 Piece w/ Steak Knives & Granton Santoku

Posted by JT Hats

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Solingen Forged Bamboo Knife Block SetThe 17 items in this Forged Knife Block Set from Victorinox (maker of the famous Swiss Army Knife in its many forms) do cover most needs in the kitchen as well as during dining service. Eight fine steak knives make the major difference between this set and the efficient Victorinox 8-Piece Block Set. Victorinox adds one more prep style to the collection.

The set's 14 knives include very practical prep knife choices for the average kitchen with no extra paring or utility knives as cheap filler. One paring knife, a boning knife, and the eight steak knives are the only small blades in the block. Eight-inch carving and chef's knives and a 9-inch bread knife handle the major work, with a 7-inch granton-edged santoku added for efficient slicing of fruits and veggies. Unless you do heavy chopping or specialty work, you should find everything you need here, including a honing steel and a pair of kitchen shears.

The block itself is renewable-resource bamboo, not hardwood. Built with precise layers of squared bamboo, this relatively new approach to knife storage matches the quality and beauty of traditional beechwood, oak, or maple without the environmental damage. Ecological arguments aren't necessary -- the bamboo block is obviously a good deal.

Victorinox contracts most of the manufacturing work for its forged knives to well-known cutlery companies in Solingen, Germany. When buying forged knives from Victorinox, you're actually getting a well-tested German pattern forged on German dies and made from German Solingen high carbon stainless steel. Added to that solid foundation are Swiss finishing and sharpening steps and excellent quality control. The knives in the set all feature the same triple-riveted full tang build with POM (or Plastic Over Molded) handle slabs. Knives need ordinary hand washing and drying and occasional maintenance with a sharpening steel. Victorinox covers the set with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship.

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