The 10 Best Sword Fighting Scenes from Movies

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Swords and the arts of fencing and sword fighting have been in existence for thousands of years. Over the last few decades the art and style of sword play has changed a great deal.

As Kung Fu movies became popular in the late 70s and on there have been some amazing sword fight scenes in movies.

Here are some awesome videos that I would consider to be among the top 10 videos of epic sword fights in movies over the years. Enjoy, and don’t try this at home, or you may just lose an eye.

Sword Fight Scene from The Princess Bride
Duel from Mark of Zorro
The Final Duel in Rob Roy
Shadowless Sword – Market Fight Scene
Qi Jian: Seven Swords – End Sword Fight Scene
Hero of the East Sword Fight
Kill Bill Swordfight
Ziyi Zhang vs. Michelle Yeoh – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Versus – Full Sword Fight
Samurai Fight Scene from Zatoichi

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