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Tiger Claw Broadsword

Spring Steel Sword | Chinese Wushu Training Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Tiger Claw Broadsword Anyone about to begin training with the Chinese broadsword should get ready to collect some swords. The swords used in training differ considerably from the combat versions, progressing from light wooden replicas through a series of heavier steel builds. Each does find a useful place in a training regimen, although the less realistic versions get left behind quickly.

This Lung Chuan broadsword forged from high carbon spring steel is an intermediate training weapon, a good choice for wushu practice where weight could hinder movement but the weapon still needs to look authentic. The polymer handle, formed around a solid steel tang, is a little garish and meant to be eye-catching. Brass pommel and hand guard are simple and heavy, providing some balance in this naturally forward-weighted sword.

Tempered to flex from 45 to 90 degrees without permanently being thrown out of line, this broadsword isn't as flexible as some wushu sword blades. Even in spring steel, this blade has more heft and a stiffer action. Broadswords take a little more wrist strength than many modern people have in their early training. Practicing with a lighter sword first could prevent some painful problems.

Even unsharpened, this full-sized broadsword is a dangerous weapon. Complex movements should be mastered before moving up to a sword this close to the real thing in potential. The broadsword comes with a lacquered scabbard, black with a dragon motif and banded with pressed brass fittings. The sheathed weapon should be transported in the form-fitting black nylon carrying case provided.

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