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Emerilware Hardwood Knife Storage Block

Wusthof Laminated Oak 17 Slot

Posted by JT Hats

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Emerilware Hardwood Knife Storage Block With several wide slots for larger knives, the Emerilware Wusthof 17 Slot Knife Storage Block offers very stable and convenient storage for nine kitchen knives, a honing steel, kitchen shears, and six steak knives. The prep knives lie flat for best edge care, and steak knives fill a row of vertical slots beneath the main block -- handy, but not in the way of kitchen work.

Thick strips of kiln-dried solid oak are laminated with non-toxic yet durable glue to form this block, which with ordinary care and common sense should resist warping and cracking and last for many years. Knife wear is never the problem with knife blocks -- the enemies are heat and moisture. Rub the block with mineral occasionally, even though the surface is already protected by a durable finish. Placement is also important -- next to a busy stove top or in the steam channel under cabinets, the block could be exposed to uneven stresses.

The footprint of this heavy block is small, but for full access to the knives you'll need to give it more room than the block's 9 x 6 x 10-inch dimensions. The design is stable, and the tiny plastic feet support it high enough off the work surface that minor spills won't touch it. Shifting the block once you've placed it won't be convenient.

Though it will hold most chef's knives and santoku, the largest slots won't handle heavy cleavers. The nine slots do provide enough storage space and range to accommodate the usual assortment of knives that chefs find most useful.

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