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Trench Knife

Tanto Blade | Military Warrior Tactical Fixed-Blade

Posted by Ken

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Trench Knife There's no way we could ever recommend this trench knife for everyday, functional use... unless you need something cheap for a Halloween costume or a stage production. If that's the case, it's a great deal.

You might even be able to tell just by looking at it, but the edges are a little askew and the connection from the handle to the blade just doesn't look sturdy.

We will say this, however: the aluminum craftsmanship of the knife does make it very lightweight and easy to wield. Plus, if you're a fan of comfortable grips, you'll like the rubber on the handle above the finger guard holes.

The knife snaps into a nylon sheath included for protective storage. And in case you ever did need to use it, the stainless steel sharp tanto point would come in quiet handy.

But overall, it's not a knife you want to rely on for daily use. Keep it stashed away for the costume parties, and it'll be a great conversation starter.

Check out the Boker Trench Knife if you're looking for something better made or Sog Trident if it's the Tanto blade you're looking for.

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