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United Cutlery Fantasy Blade Weapon

Kit Rae Molotoch Slayer Sword Of The Ancients KR0013

Posted by JT Hats

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United Cutlery Fantasy Blade Weapon The sword named Molotoch the Slayer, released again by United Cutlery and Kit Rae in 2009, has been one of the more popular swords in Rae's fantasy weapons series, Swords of the Ancients. Inspired by the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, who wrote of an ancient race long ago vanquished by human warriors, Molotoch the Slayer represents Rae's conception of what the most powerful of those ancient blades could have been.

This blade could qualify as a two-handed sword with an overall length of 45-1/4 inches and a 420 high carbon stainless steel double-edged blade 33-3/4 inches long. The ornamentation of blade guard and pommel allow for only a one-handed grip one the false black ivory handle, so expect some practice before you'll be able to comfortably wield this heavy weapon. The blade itself is a full 3/16 inches thick, with a hollow ground false edge but no blood groove.

The cast metal blade guard shows several death's heads and representations of Vanthar, the desert spider. These symbolize the special powers of the mythical Molotoch sword, which granted the wielder victory through boundless skill, blade speed, and the channeling of the combatant's fierce rage. The decorations on Molotoch's pommel represent vultures consuming the dead.

Kit Rae's weapons are based on his own visualizations of ancient history and are not intended to be practical. That artistic freedom created many very unusual pieces, and Molotoch is actually less fanciful than many in the Swords of the Ancients line. Along with a certificate of authenticity, Kit Rae includes an art print with Molotoch depicting a battle between Vaelen and Naegulus. Each Molotoch sword is also branded with Kit Rae's trademark.

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