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Valiant Armory War Sword

European Soldier Replica | Ebony Handle, Leather Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Valiant Armory War Sword Patterned after one of the common soldier's blades from the European battlefields of the 1400's, this sword from Valiant Armory has a plain name and a plain build. Sold by Valiant as the War Sword, the only thing fancy about this very realistic weapon is the black and tan macassar ebony handle. Let me clarify that I think this is a good thing -- I like this sword. Swords of the period would probably have been made of more common materials than this expensive African hardwood, but an added touch doesn't hurt.

Rather than making strict reproductions of period pieces, Valiant's craftsmen in the Philippines often go a step further. Though not intended for combat, even Valiant's standard series swords have the feel of real weapons. Details show that the makers took pride in their work. The War Sword isn't decorated with cast metal that gets knocked loose in shipment -- the seven-inch cross guard and pommel are solid steel. The blade itself shows 32 inches of hand forged carbon steel -- rat tail tang and pommel bring the total length to 41 inches. Though this was considered a one-handed sword in the old days, the War Sword was also heavy enough to swing two-handed. At just under four pounds, it's definitely too weighty for fencing practice. Modern swordsmen need to train a while before a blade this heavy is steady in the hand.

The War Sword comes with a good leather sheath and an excellent warranty. Give the blade a light coating of oil to protect it from rust, and don't treat it as a toy. In fact, Valiant does not recommend using even the standard series blades like the War Sword as theatrical props. If you swing this at something, it will do some damage.

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