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Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger Pocket Knife

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Posted by Ken

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Victorinox Swiss Army Ranger PocketVictorinox makes a number of different Swiss Army Knife models, so the trick is picking the right one.

You'll want to inspect the tools it includes as well as the size and weight. Several of their "medium-sized" models are aimed at fitting a large number of tools into a light-weight package.

The Ranger is a good example of that philosophy. It squeezes over twenty tools into a 3.5 inch body and is not overly weighty.

The tools include two knives, a corkscrew, a bottle and can opener, a wire stripper, reamer, hook, nail file and cleaner, a scissors, screwdriver, toothpick, saw and tweezers.

It does not include a pliers or a philips-head screwdriver. If you need those, you might consider a Swiss Army Craftsman instead.

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