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William Wallace Sword w/ Sheath & Belt Strap, Brass or Silver

Medieval Replica Claymore Longsword by Trademark

Posted by JT Hats

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William Wallace Sword w/ Sheath BeltEven though this is a smaller version of the William Wallace sword than the more authentic replicas of that famous claymore, the distinctive appearance of this historical reproduction blade gives it character others lack.

Brass fittings and dark leather wrap make all the difference, accenting the polished high carbon stainless steel blade of the 40-3/4-inch longsword. With a double-edged, 29-1/2-inch blade, the sword doesn't actually qualify as a two-handed claymore -- the type actually carried by William Wallace in his war for Scottish independence -- but it's still a massive weapon and includes the same features as the larger versions.

Solid brass pommel and cross-guard both had important offensive functions in the hands of an expert. While both enhanced the secure grip of the leather-bound handle, either could deal a crushing blow. The long two-handed grip allowed the longest reach and the greatest power. The leather bound ricasso section forward of the cross-guard acted as a second grip when fighting at close quarters. The two grip options overcame some of the shortcomings of these long weapons, which became unwieldy and slow in tight circumstances.

The William Wallace sword is patterned after the personal weapon actually carried in battle by the legendary Scottish hero, and the original is now on display in the Wallace Monument near Stirling. The Wallace sword includes a rough leather scabbard with belt strap, meant to be worn at the waist rather than over the shoulder. Two versions are available -- to see the sword with silver fittings, click here.

To see the full-sized version from Trademark Global, visit the Original William Wallace Claymore.

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