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William Wallace Medieval Replica Sword by Trademark

Scottish Claymore Display Longsword w/ Leather Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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William Wallace Medieval Replica SwordTrademark's display-quality Original William Wallace Sword has the look and feel of the real thing. The leather scabbard allows carrying the full-sized claymore on the back and makes it usable as a costume piece as well as an interesting collector's sword.

William Wallace -- portrayed recently by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart -- led Scottish resistance fighters in a war for independence from the English at the closing of the 12th century. His personal weapon was the William Wallace Scottish claymore, a two-handed longsword accurately depicted in this replica. The genuine Wallace Sword now resides in the Wallace Monument near Stirling.

A full 51 inches long, the claymore's handle allows a two-handed grip for extra power and range. The ricasso -- the un-sharpened leather-bound section of blade beyond the cross-guard -- allows a forward grip for faster response in close quarters fighting. Cross-guard and pommel are simple and functional, capable of deflecting blades and delivering smashing strikes.

The Trademark William Wallace sword features pommel and cross-guard of cast chrome-plated steel, while the blade itself is polished high carbon stainless steel and has not been sharpened. Genuine leather covers the hardwood grip and the ricasso of the blade. The sword's practical scabbard is made from rough leather. Collectors will enjoy the sword's accurate details.

For a functional sword in the same pattern, see the Swords of Toledo Wallace Braveheart Claymore.

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