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Bark River Knife and Tool Bravo 1 Survival Knife

Posted by Ken

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Bark River Tool and Knife Bravo 1 When the US Marines went looking for a standard issue Bushcraft Knife, they anonymously tested out a wide array of knives and then eventually settled on the Bark River Gameskeeper as an ideal starting point. They then approached Bark River with some requested customization work, and the result is the Bravo 1.

First released less than a year ago, this is still a new kid on the block. But ask the experts at for an all-purpose wilderness knife and they will strongly recommend this one. How do I know this? Because I asked, and they did! As a result, this is to be the next addition to my personal collection.

The blade is 4.25 inches long, 0.215 inches thick, and is made of A2 steel with a hardness of 59 RC.

The overall knife weight is 7.375 ounces and measures 9.065 inches long.

Check out the forty different styles of blade material offered — some are truly stunning.

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