Benchmade Knife Company Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit Vs. RoadsideImports LLC

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Benchmade Knife Company and Mentor Group LLC have emerged victorious in a recent lawsuit that they filed against Jonathan Benson and his company, RoadsideImports LLC. Benson is a knife dealer on the internet, and his company is based in Colorado.

Benchmade filed several complaints in the lawsuit, and federal Judge from the District of Oregon Ancer Haggerty ruled in favor of Benchmade for all sixteen counts. The court found the accused guilty of patent infringement, copyright infringement, false advertising, and libel.

The court also awarded Benchmade an additional cash settlement due to Benson failing to honor deadlines

Les de Asis, Benchmade CEO and company founder, said that he is extremely pleased with the court’s ruling. “Over the past twenty years, we’ve spent a great deal of time and money building the Benchmade brand and we take great pride in building a quality, USA-made product. We’re happy to have this case behind us once and for all.”