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Blade Movie Replica Fantasy Cosplay Scabbard

Sword of the Daywalker Sheath | United Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Blade Movie Replica Fantasy Cosplay The United Cutlery version of Blade's Sword of the Daywalker doesn't include the classy back sheath that goes so well with Blade's black leather trench coat and black sunglasses. The Daywalker sword actually has the look and feel of a real weapon, but the flimsy leather sheath that only sometimes accompanies it at sale doesn't meet the equipment standards of the movie's dark vampire killer.

This model of Daywalker sheath does a much better job of reproducing Blade's unique combat gear. The scabbard is solidly built and minimally decorated with plain metal rings. Though it isn't real leather, the composite construction is strong -- the scabbard joins to a flat back plate which forms the hub of the nylon harness straps. Instead of simply hanging the sword on the back, this system keeps the sword in place even when chasing down the undead. Since there's no waistbelt, it may not be quite so efficient when hanging upside or walking on walls.

For serious sword enthusiasts and fans of the Wesley Snipes Blade movies, this is an important accessory to the sword itself and shouldn't be passed up. As a display system, the sheath can be adjusted to hang from simple hooks or pegs and takes the place of a wall plaque or sword stand. It has the added attraction of being a piece of gear that actually works as intended. Good swords are actually easier to find than good scabbards, and usually there's no opportunity for upgrading. In this instance, United Cutlery's sheath for the Daywalker Sword offers you the real thing.

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