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MIU 4 Piece Steak Knife Set

Pakkawood Handles | French Dining Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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MIU 4 Piece Steak Knife Set MIU France offers this four-piece pakkawood steak knife set without providing much technical information or even a description of warranty terms. The design of the knives in the set is very rustic and won't be out of place at most table settings. Large handles and wide blades offer a good grip and a stout cutting edge.

The full tang build, triple riveted with brass that accents the pakkawood attractively, is stable and gap free. Pakkawood, a synthetic material, has the look of real hardwood without the faults and weaknesses of natural handles. There is real wood here, but it's layered in a resin matrix and only simulates the grain patterns of hardwood. Pakkawood was designed to survive dishwashing machines without damage and surpasses ordinary hardwood in durability while keeping a natural wood look.

The 1810 stainless steel of the stamped blades is a grade more often found in flatware than in cutting tools. Very resistant to corrosion, this alloy isn't so good at holding an edge. The forward portion of the blades is serrated for better results, but still the quality of the cut will be more like a table knife than a sharp high carbon steel steak knife. Once the serrations dull, much of the cutting action will be lost for good -- some home sharpening systems will restore serrated blades, but results are uncertain.

The best feature of the MIU France four-piece steak knife set is the dishwasher resistance. If you want steak knives you can run through the washer without worry, these fit the bill.

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