Celt Iberian Falcata Stainless Steel Medieval Replica Sword

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Celt Iberian Falcata Stainless SteelHistorically speaking, the falcata was one of the most powerful and effective swords ever created. It’s not known for its fluidity or well-balanced design, that’s for sure. But in terms of effective performance, the falcata was the trusted weapon of choice for many warriors during the reign of the Celt-Iberians. This type of weapon was also seen in Greek, Spanish, and Russian military culture as well.

There are actually two different models of the Celt Iberian Falcata out there: the version pictured here made by Windlass Steelcrafts, and a sharper, heavier version made by Generation 2. For a battle-ready replica, you’ll want to go with the Generation 2 model. But for display and accessory use, the Windlass version you see here may be a more desirable choice simply because you’ll be carrying half as much weight on your belt.

The falcata’s signature curved blade is made from high carbon quality stainless steel. It measures 20.125 inches in length, and 2.25 inches at its widest point. Overall, the sword measures 25.25 inches.

Another distinguishable feature is the sword’s pistol grip handle. It was thus shaped in order to prevent the sword from leaving the warrior’s hand during battle. This handle is made from finished brass with light scale texturing, and is affixed to the blade tang with different colored brass pins.

As far as an authentic replica blade goes, this falcata does a pretty good job representing a specific era. The style is intact, and the decorations aren’t overkill, all of which make a historic sword seem more “real.”

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