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CSA Confederate Cavalry Officer Saber Sword

Civil War General Jo Shelby | Militaria Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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CSA Confederate Cavalry Officer SaberA replica sword of special interest to collectors and Civil War buffs, this cavalry saber recreates the sword carried by Confederate Colonel Jo Shelby on Shelby's Raid through the union state of Missouri after the Confederate victory at Wilson's Creek. This same model of cavalry saber saw action after the Civil War in the Plains Indians conflicts. Forty inches long overall with a 35-inch high carbon steel blade and a solid brass hand guard, this type of saber was the fast sword that made cavalry charges deadly. This replica matches many of the details of the military issue sword.

A nickel plated steel scabbard with lanyard rings allows this sword to be carried as it was in Civil War days. The quality is surprisingly good for a sword in this price range. The Indian manufacturers used carbon steel rather than stainless steel as a blade material. Though their intention may have been to cut cost, in terms of utility and historical accuracy, that's a plus. Though it's unlikely to be correctly tempered for combat, the saber is strong enough to take a solid hit.

The sword which served as model for this cavalry saber took Captain Jo Shelby through the battle of Wilson's Creek, one of the first Confederate victories of the war. Afterwards, as a Confederate Colonel, Shelby led his men through Missouri on an extended raid less famous than General Sherman's march through Georgia but somewhat equal in impact. Shelby and his men inflicted over a thousand casualties on Union forces and caused more than $2 million in damage, a fair amount of money in those days. Promoted to general as a result, Shelby later became major general of confederate forces after Robert E. Lee surrendered. Leading his men to Mexico rather than bow to the Union, Shelby and his exploits were the inspiration for the movie The Undefeated, a John Wayne classic.

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