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Wusthof 6 Piece Knife Block Set

Japanese Classic Santoku Granton

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof 6 Piece Knife Block Set This Wusthof Classic Santoku 6-Piece Block Set switches the classic European chef's knife for the classic Japanese santoku -- which more and more of us are discovering to be the real workhorse of the modern kitchen. More specialized than the versatile cook's or chef's knife, the slimmer and more efficient santoku slices and minces vegetables and herbs quickly and easily. The santoku's multiple hollows reduce the tendency of food slices to stick and stack up on the sides of the blade. If you're like me and most of the prep you do every day involves slicing and chopping vegetables, the santoku is the knife to have.

The other two knives in the set are useful in other ways -- the paring knife has the same style of forged blade, bolster, and tang as the larger two, and you'll appreciate the fine bevel and easily honed edge when peeling and trimming fruits and vegetables. The eight-inch bread knife's serrated edge zips through bread and pastry without crushing or tearing and if used and maintained properly rarely needs re-sharpening. All three feature the same rugged polymer handle slabs triple riveted to full stainless steel tangs. Construction is gap free and dependable with a shape that's easy to work with and resistant to slipping.

The usual block set starts a chef out with paring, utility and cook's knives -- if you're not the usual chef, then this alternative assortment could be much more useful in your kitchen. Instead of having to fill out your oak hardwood starter block's four extra slots with the knives you must have but didn't get, you can fill them gradually with the knives you'll need someday. Honing steel and kitchen shears, also fundamental tools, complete the 6-piece set.

With the knives you really need, plus room to expand, the Wusthof Classic Santoku 6-Piece Block Set is a solid starting point for outfitting a kitchen.

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