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Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife

Hunting Knife Review

Posted by Ken

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Fallkniven S1 Forest Knife The S1 is another great knife from Fallkniven. Fallkniven is a small family-run operation known for producing a short list of exceptional knives.

The S1 is a "forest" knife, though it might be better known as part of the bushcraft, survival, or wilderness categories.

What differentiates a wilderness knife like this one from a traditional hunting knife is the length and thickness of the blade. This one is 5.2 inches long, while the entire knife measures 9.75 inches.

The blade has a drop point and features VG-10 steel, a high-end material that supplies hardness and edge retention.

The blade is a bit thicker than a hunting knife, in order to give it a bit more strength and heft for chopping and hacking.

The handle is non-slip black Thermorun.

If you're looking strictly for a hunting knife, you may find the Fallkniven H1 Hunting Knife to be a better choice.

Though the S1 does so well, it would likely be a great choice too.

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