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Folding Sharpening Steel, Diamond Fine Grit

Ultimate Edge Sportsman Ultra Light Oval 4 Inch 4NFP

Posted by JT Hats

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Folding Sharpening Steel, Diamond FineThe half-inch-wide oval cross-section honing rod of the collapsible Sportsman Ultra Light Diamond Sharpening Steel will restore the cutting edges of small knives and maintain the edges of larger ones. This tool is more appropriate to the kitchen than the deep woods -- you may want to carry a flat stone along with it.

The fine 600 diamond grit bonded to the hone's steel shaft works like a file as well as a steel hone and actually does remove metal. Using the flatter side of the oval places more of the grit against the blade, but all surfaces of the hone are usable. The small edges of the hone may even fit the serrations of some modern knife blades. Another good point is that you don't need water or oil to use the hone, which works just fine as a dry tool. The Ultra Light 4NFP won't perform as well as a file or flat stone when reworking major damage and makes better practical sense as a touch-up tool.

The construction of this hone is extra-tough with a housing of 6061 T6 machined aircraft aluminum. The 4-inch honing section locks into place with a threaded compression fitting, large enough to lock and unlock easily. When not in use, the abrasive rod slides back into the handle, and the small tool slips into a belt sheath of Cordura nylon. It's a neat package and weighs only 2.1 ounces. Toss it in your pack for use at camp, and you'll never notice the extra weight on the trail.

Before you decide to rebuild your dull, combo-edged blades with this pocket-sized sharpening steel, check to be sure the hone fits the groove. It's a touch-up tool and very handy for maintaining blades still in good shape, but major damage only responds to something bigger.

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