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Free Mason Dress Sword, Knights Templar Masonic

Renaissance Medieval Rapier w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Free Mason Dress Sword, Knights TemplarThis small, rapier-style side sword lacks the intricate Masonic symbols of most modern Knights Templar blades and may be more in keeping with the older Masonic concept of the sword. The Tiler's sword was originally depicted as a functional blade put to use in guarding the doors of the lodge and maintaining the privacy of the proceedings within. In older times, members of the Masonic Lodge did not use swords for ceremonial purposes.

This lightly-built display or dress sword of 440 high carbon stainless steel features a wire-bound grip and simple silvered metal hand guard. The rat-tail tang ends in a polished metal pommel. The shaped and polished blade holds a decorative edge and isn't meant for striking practice, but the sword does in general follow the pattern of Spanish side swords from the European Renaissance.

Although swords have become a familiar symbol of the Knights Templar, gentlemen lodge members of older times intentionally left their weapons outside the lodge in order to present themselves as equals among their fellow Masons. Now a common symbol of lodge membership, Masonic swords with mysterious symbols and intricate decorations are a recent invention. Genuine Mason's swords should be engraved with the owner's personal monogram, lodge number, and name. The meaning of many of the other old symbols gracing the modern weapons may still be a guarded secret of the order. Although most have been publicly defined, non-Masons have no way of knowing whether the public definitions are true.

Individual lodges undoubtedly set their own standards for dress weapons. The Renaissance styling of this Free Mason Sword might be more appropriate for the collector.

The Knights Templar Masonic Sword provides modern Masons with an antiqued weapon suitable for wall display.

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