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Anolon Bronze Kitchen Cutlery Sharpener, Plain Edge

Universal Manual Knife Hone w/ Ceramic Coarse, Medium & Fine Grit

Posted by JT Hats

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Anolon Bronze Kitchen CutleryMade in the same style as Anolon's Classic Bronze Cutlery, the Anolon Bronze Universal Sharpener takes knives through three stages of ceramic grit wheels to produce the factory-standard European bevel and a sharp cutting edge. Use the Universal Sharpener for fine edge cutlery only -- Anolon recommends professional sharpening service for serrated blades.

This small manual sharpener will substitute for a knife honing steel if only the finest sharpening stage is used, but severely dulled knives require all three stages. Use the coarse wheel to restore the bevel, follow up with the medium wheel to refine the edge, and give it a final razor finish with the fine wheel. For daily touch-ups, don't use the medium or coarse stones to avoid wasting good steel.

The hone is designed to hold a small amount of clean water during use -- just lift the clear plastic cover and add enough water to submerge the bottom half of the honing wheels. Pulling a blade through the hone causes the wheel to rotate through the water bath and continually washes the stone clear of steel particles and loose grit. The clean surface cuts quickly without glazing. Rinse the wheels and the built-in basin clean under running water immediately after use.

The angled guides make this sharpener much easier to use if you're right-handed. The Anolon Bronze Universal Sharpener comes with a limited lifetime warranty,

See the Global Shinkansen Sharpener for a similar ceramic hone set at the proper bevel for fine Asian cutlery.

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