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Global Shinkansen Knife Sharpener, Manual Ceramic

Minosharp Plus 440 GB

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Shinkansen Knife Sharpener,Since hand honing systems designed for western cutlery don't match up with the acute bevels and hard cutting edges of Global's fine knives, the company partnered with Shinkansen Corporation to create something special. The Minosharp Plus gives Global knife owners a sharpening option simpler and less expensive than a set of waterstones.

This small manual sharpener should be held down firmly with one hand to prevent any skating on the countertop or table during use. Alignment is critical, since jamming the blade during a stroke could damage the cutting edge. Use a light touch and a steady straight pull to avoid those mishaps. The system is easy to learn.

Ceramic sharpening stones were designed for water lubrication, so that particles of stone and steel lift away from the abrasive surface and continually expose new sharp grit. This small ceramic wheel sharpener uses that same concept -- fill the covered wheel base with water before using, and the sharpener won't clog with worn steel. The coarse grit white wheels quickly reshape a battered edge, while the medium grit pink wheels improve the edge quality. The final result won't be as good as is possible with professional flat stones, but since the angle of the stone wheels is permanently set at the factory, it's hard to go terribly wrong with the Minosharp. Consider this an easier version of the honing rod rather than a way to completely rework Global blades.

The Minosharp isn't meant for western knives since that lower grade of steel won't hold up when ground to such a narrow bevel. Don't use it to sharpen serrated blades of any brand, and only use it on Global knives with double bevel blades. Some Global cutlery used for sushi preparation and other fine slicing work is beveled on one side only and won't fit this honing machine.

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