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Global Bread Knife G-9 Full Tang

Kitchen Serrated Pastry Blade, Scalloped 8 3/4 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Bread Knife G-9 The Global G-9 Bread Knife's serrated edge slices cleanly through all types of bread and pastry. The hard CROMOVA-18 stainless steel edge lasts a long time but does require some special consideration if you want to keep that blade in top form.

For hard-crusted rolls and French breads, nothing works better than a serrated knife. For that first difficult cut, you need something that grabs and cuts at the same time. The scalloped cutting edge of the G-9 is almost 9 inches long and does an excellent job, giving smooth results in all types of baked goods. With a clean cut, you'll get more accurate slices and won't disturb the shape of the product.

The drawback to serrated knives is maintenance. Most home chefs don't own the equipment you'd need to restore a dulled serrated blade, so the alternative is to use this knife properly and not abuse the cutting edge. Global recommendations include storing the knife in a wooden storage block to prevent dulling the edge against other kitchen tools, and never putting the knife through a dishwasher. All Global knives clean up easily by hand since the all-stainless construction is seamless and smooth. Don't use the knife on glass or ceramic servingware or cutting boards, and be careful of that last cut through the bottom crust. Lift the handle a bit and make that last stroke with the tip of the blade.

See the Forschner Curved Serrated Bread Knife for a good bread knife for smaller loaves and rolls.

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