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Global Butcher’s Knife GF-27

Professional Heavy Cromova Steel 7 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Butcher's Knife GF-27 Anyone doing their own butchering needs a knife that holds up to hard work. This heavy butcher knife from Global blends advanced steel and all-stainless construction with a traditional butcher knife build. You'll find it to be the best of both worlds.

The Global GF-27 butcher knife weighs about a pound, but the seven-inch-long blade is built for cutting instead of chopping. High carbon Cromova steel ground at a 15 degree bevel gives the knife a very efficient slicing action. Protect the edge by using something else to chop through bone. Blade thickness and the gradual taper that blends the edge bevel with the blade increases the strength and the cutting efficiency. Whether you're a hunter or save money on large cuts of meat, the Global GF-27 will reduce waste and yield professional cuts instead of ragged chunks.

Global's one-piece design leaves no seams for cross-contaminating bacteria to occupy and makes cleanup a simple wash and dry. Don't put this fine knife through the dishwasher, since the finish could be damaged and the edge might chip when banging around in the dishwasher rack.

Global recommends their own waterstones for blade maintenance rather than honing steels or sharpening systems. Remember that European sharpening systems are meant for knives with wider European bevels and can't properly sharpen thinner Japanese knives.

See the Victorinox Cimeter for a larger butcher knife suitable for breaking carcasses.

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