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Global Steak Knives

4-Piece Knife Set | Stainless Steel Cutlery

Posted by Ken

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Global Steak Knives Take Global's unique styling and engineering and apply it to the old standby -- the steak knife -- and you get this powerhouse.

Not many makers apply their high-end features to the lowly steak knife, but Global has given it a go and it makes a world of difference.

These knives feature stainless steel made of Global's CROMOVA steel. CROMOVA is a blend of chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium for edge retention, sharpness, and stainlessness.

The blades are thin, allowing for their sharpness. They're also light, as are all of Global's knives.

The handle is a dimpled stainless steel for a unique look and steady grip. It creates a stylish take on a traditional tool, so you may find yourself wanting to display these knives in your kitchen.

The one downside is price. At $150, they don't come cheap. Read some of the owner's comments on Amazon, though, and you may be convinced.

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