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Hanwei Dark Sentinel Sword, Functional Forged

Battle Ready Fantasy Longsword w/ Curved Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Dark Sentinel Sword, Functional The Dark Sentinel Sword from CAS Hanwei could be called a fantasy weapon -- except that CAS Hanwei built it to be fully functional and combat ready. Taking inspiration from the Japanese katana and European dueling swords, the Dark Sentinel seems practical for modern warriors.

With an overall length of 47-3/8 inches, the CAS Hanwei Dark Sentinel sword presents 31-1/2 inches of blade and 10-1/2 inches of handle. The extra-long handle allows either a balanced single-handed swing or a powerful two-handed grip. At 2 lbs. 3 oz., the Sentinel wields easily and still has enough weight for efficient slashing. The nearly 1/4-inch-thick blade of forged high carbon steel should hold up well in actual use.

The look of the sword recalls video games more than historic weapons, but the leather grip with metal studs and the stainless steel pommel and tsuba-style bladeguard all come from true combat designs. CAS Hanwei combined them in a slightly new pattern to create the Dark Sentinel, a fanciful but still formidable sword.

The Dark Sentinel comes with a leather-bound scabbard sturdily reinforced with simple steel fittings. All CAS Hanwei swords are forged either in Dalian in northeast China or in Fuxin near the border with Mongolia. Hanwei expects their fully functional products to be as good as genuine martial arts weapons from earlier times, and their swords often prove to be even better due to improved manufacturing processes and better modern steel.

For another fantasy sword meant for display only, see the Shamshir Persian Sword from Bud K.

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