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AccuSharp Knife Sharpener 001 Review

Serrated Blade Handheld Tungsten Carbide

Posted by JT Hats

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AccuSharp Knife Sharpener 001 Review Everyone has different standards when it comes to knife edges, and the sharpness of a knife doesn't actually control the quality of food. If you're one of those good cooks who likes knives only moderately sharp, you could find the AccuSharp a handy tool. It's safe to use and it works on both plain and serrated edges.

Unfold the AccuSharp and the blue band becomes a protective barrier between you and the knife you're sharpening. Most sharpening systems require you to hold the knife and run the blade through the device, but the AccuSharp simplifies that by letting you set the knife on the countertop and run the sharpener along the blade. Only slight pressure is needed as the tungsten carbide blades in the AccuSharp shave away the sides of the knife's beveled edge and restore a factory angle of about 25 degrees. Restoring badly abused knives could take many passes, but once the blade matches the AccuSharp, you'll only need a few strokes to keep the blade at that level of sharpness.

Realistically, you'll never get the quality of edge that's possible with honing stones if you depend solely on the AccuSharp. That may be all the edge you require, but if you're one of "Those People" who know immediately if a knife has lost its razor edge and don't feel right without it, the AccuSharp won't meet those higher standards.

The AccuSharp does require some skill if you expect the tool's best results. Canting the knife or the sharpener out of vertical will skew the bevel towards one side. Extended use wears the crossover point in the tool's sharpening blades and results in a gradually less sharp edge on the knife. Although the tool will resharpen badly blunted serrated blades, for a perfect restoration you'll still need a professional sharpening service. If it's a cheap serrated blade, the inexpensive AccuSharp definitely gives the knife a new lease on life, but just for a while.

The Messermeister Chantry Knife Sharpener uses steel honing rods instead of carbide scrapers with a design that earned it a place in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

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