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Forever Sharp Knives Set, Platinum

Surgical Stainless Steel Granton Blade for Frozen Food

Posted by JT Hats

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Forever Sharp Knife Set, Platinum The good news here is a set of six inexpensive all-stainless steel kitchen knives. The only way you'll be disappointed is if you actually believe they'll stay sharp for ten years.

In the "Forever Sharp" Platinum series, you'll find an interesting assortment of knives meant for carving and light prep. The set includes a carving knife, pastry/bread knife, a frozen food knife, one filet knife, and two paring knives. The three larger knives are essentially identical except for granton grinds meant to lessen friction. These narrow blades could do a good job when slicing bread or meat, but dividing blocks of frozen food with one is something most people won't want to try twice.

The three larger knives feature forked tips handy for lifting slices of meat or cheese, but you'll still find a carving fork a great help. These blades tend to flex, and for serving, you'll need another tool for support. The filet knife is a useful although ordinary blade. Anyone who knows how to sharpen and maintain an edge will have good luck with it, and the all-stainless build reduces cleanup problems. The paring knives also will prove themselves useful and durable with ordinary care.

The catch comes in the "Forever Sharp" claim that these Chinese-made knives remain in top cutting condition for ten years. The set of high carbon stainless steel knives will need sharpening and could serve well for that ten years with regular attention. The manufacturer will replace dulled knives once, for $2 apiece over the cost of shipping. You'd be much better off by caving and using a sharpening steel or whetstone. Although the company calls them dishwasher-safe, clean these knives by hand or risk rust and corrosion.

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