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Hanwei Francisca Axe, Viking Combat

Medieval Antique Throwing Weapon XH2120N

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Francisca Axe, Viking Combat The Francisca Antiqued Axe from CAS Hanwei reproduced a genuine combat axe design used by marauding Viking warriors. Now a favorite of collectors and competitive axe throwers, this historically accurate axe would grace any wall. Around the camp, it's too good not to use.

The antiqued finish of the high carbon steel axe head looks a little rough, but any good tool looks better when it's seen some use. The axe head already has the slightly pitted look of an axe that caught some waves from time to time. The dark hardwood of the handle adds to the multi-mission look of this old weapon and even recreates the slight curve of the original. Made for throwing as well as for ordinary chopping, the handle curve alters the angle of the flared blade just enough to increase the chances of a good stick.

The very portable Francisca Axe measures only 18-1/4 inches at the handle with a cutting edge 3-1/2 inches wide. Total weight is 1-1/2 pounds, not much more than a large Bowie knife. That small size didn't prevent the Francisca from finding a place in close combat in the Viking era. Either thrown or swung, the axe easily penetrated chain mail armor. CAS Hanwei includes a leather guard for the edge, so the Francisca Axe could be safely tucked in a pack or lashed to gear. Many replica swords aren't durable, but this fully functional axe is the real thing. Don't be afraid to take it on the camping or hunting trip.

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