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Henckels Hollow Granton Chef’s Knife, Full Tang

Twin Signature High Carbon Stainless Steel 8 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Hollow Granton Chef's Knife,Combine two of the best knife blades for the modern kitchen and you might get this knife -- the Henckels Twin Signature 8-inch Hollow Edge Chef Knife. Henckels kept the classic European Chef's knife blade shape and the riveted slab handle design, and added the mysterious hollow grind of the modern santoku.

What actually makes this nicely styled chef's knife out-perform many heavier and more expensive forged chef's knives is that the steel in the blade is thinner, and there's no abrupt bevel on the cutting edge. Many chef's knives are still ground with a 25-degree edge bevel, and much of the cutting force goes into actually driving that wedge through the work. The taper ground edge of this chef's knife is just as strong, but the shoulder of the bevel blends smoothly into the blade. That cuts resistance drastically.

The multiple hollows of a granton grind -- what Henckels calls the hollow edge -- break up the contact between the knife surface and the food being cut. Hollows fill with lubricating juices as the knife works, whether the recipe involves meat or vegetables or fruit, and the separating effect increases. Less friction means easier and more accurate work.

With ice-hardened high carbon stainless steel in the blade and the full tang handle -- laser cut from one stainless steel blank -- this Henckels Chef's knife is strong enough for the standard chef's knife kitchen chores. That would be nearly everything, since this old pattern was built to be the major force in the kitchen. The hollow grind only makes it better.

Another option for a reasonably priced and efficient chef's knife would be the Victorinox Forschner Chef's Knife, still one of the industry's best buys.

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