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Henckels Miyabi Santoku Knife, Functional

Masaharu Morimoto Cutlery 7 Inch 600-S

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Henckels Miyabi Santoku Knife,Use the Miyabi Morimoto Edition 7-Inch Santoku for accurate slicing of fish, meat, and vegetables. The "three virtues" blade designed by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto slices, dices, and minces with a design that has roots in both European and Asian cultures.

From Miyabi's 600-S Functional series, this santoku has an edge more curved than many traditional Japanese santoku, making the knife easier to use in the rocking motion of a chef's knife. There's still plenty of straighter edge for the precise sliding cuts that make the santoku blade so versatile. Like many Japanese santoku knives, this Morimoto knife doesn't include the hollows many chefs expect to see ground into the blade's sides.

Made from steel provided by Zwilling J.A. Henckels of Solingen, Germany, the knife's blade, bolster, and full tang were forged from one piece of Friodur ice-hardened high carbon stainless steel. Manufactured at a facility in Seki, Japan, which Henckels purchased in 2004, the knife undergoes special finishing processes which create a traditional Japanese cutting edge. The Rockwell 57 hardness of the blade makes it easy to reset the edge with an ordinary honing steel. This knife is as tough and resilient as any Henckels knife made in Germany.

The first Iron Chef from Japan, Chef Rokusaburo Michiba, developed the most expensive professional product lines Miyabi makes. Chef Masaharu Morimoto contributed ideas to Miyabi's entry-level lineup, intended for new users of Japanese cutlery. The Morimoto santoku offers westerners a familiar triple-riveted grip of black polymer slabs joined to the knife's stainless steel tang. It's a Japanese blade with a western feel.

See the Miyabi 5000-S Santoku for an example of one of the top grades of the new Japanese/German hybrids.

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