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Henckels S Peeling Bird’s Beak Knife

Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels S Peeling Bird's Beak Knife This bird's beak paring knife from J.A. Henckels features the same rugged slab handle build and full tang high carbon stainless steel as the larger knives in the Henckels line. The bird's beak has a very specialized function. Designed for curved peeling and shaping of garnishes and fruits, the bird's beak knife will be more familiar to graduates of culinary academies than to most home chefs.

The professional taper grind of the cutting edge makes peeling fruits and vegetables accurate and efficient, with much less drag than a cheap paring knife with only a crude edge bevel. The curved edge makes hand peeling of convoluted roots a little more efficient, but this isn't likely to be the knife you grab first. Most of us are used to simpler blades with straight edges and peel carrots with patented peelers instead of knives.

This is a paring knife for those who want to master the old hand skills and pass culinary exams. While not essential for the average kitchen, it can be a nice gift for those who want to own the entire range of fine cutlery available. With knives like these added to your collection, you can be ready for absolutely anything. For ordinary chores like peeling potatoes, the knife makes a difference but only with lots of practice. Expect to be frustrated at first.

The plain-edged blade easily hones with an ordinary steel, and the stain-free steel is dishwasher safe. For the best maintenance of edge and finish, give the knife a quick hand wash and dry before storing in a hardwood knife block.

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