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Henckels Serrated Paring Knife, Full Tang 3 Inch

Twin Pro S Forged HC Stainless Steel Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Henckels Serrated Paring Knife, FullThe Henckels Twin Pro S 3-Inch Paring Knife with serrated cutting edge should be teamed up with a good plain-edged paring knife, but there definitely are kitchen tasks where the serrated blade excels. Just don't expect peeling cuts to be smooth and flawless when clawed by this little beast.

Where you need a knife that digs in quickly, the Henckels serrated paring knife works well. Soft skinned vegetables like tomatoes -- which slip away from any plain knife that isn't razor-edged -- yield to these sharp serrations immediately. You get fast cutting action with less force. If you're slicing defects out of fruits and veggies, the serrated high carbon stainless steel blade works aggressively and won't skip.

Many chefs use a paring knife with the edge aimed toward the thumb for some work -- if you're paying your dues by peeling a sack of potatoes by hand this won't be the best knife for that. Keep the serrations away from from your fingers -- points start the cut and the blade finishes, and no matter what you're cutting it happens quickly. When peeling curved surfaces, the teeth will leave obvious tracks on the food, so you won't get a clean look. This forged, full tang knife works much better for trimming out flaws and making straight slices.

Washing this forged, full tang knife properly is even more important because the tips of the teeth are easily damaged if banged around in a dishwasher. Always clean the knife by hand and store it where the edge won't contact other blades or utensils. A wooden storage block is the best place for this good Henckels serrated paring knife.

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