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The 20 Hottest Women Celebrity Chefs

Posted by Ken

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Gorgeous Gourmands Who Work Miracles
With a Chef's Knife

Is it just me, or have the cooking shows gotten a bit sexier lately? Maybe I've been living under a rock, but when I start to see celebrity chefs posing half-naked on the cover of Men's magazines, I know something must be up.

With that in mind, I've compiled a list of the hottest women celebrity chefs. The women are ranked based on two factors: looks and their cooking skills. But mostly just on looks.

Enjoy the list! And if you don't like my rankings? Leave a comment below. Or make your own list and be sure to let me know.


49 Responses

  1. Ted Says:

    No Nigella Lawson?

    Nice list.

  2. Tom Says:

    She’s right there at #8, Mr. Wizard.

  3. CapnPete Says:

    Well, I guess if left off Moulton you’d have to put Paula on the list so… No complaints here.

  4. Steve L Says:

    Flip #1 and #2 and then you have it right. Giada is the hottest Celebrity Chef based not only the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous but SHE’S ACTUALLY A CHEF!! I could host a cooking show too if producers spoonfed everything for me like they do for Padma.

  5. Sid Says:

    ^Ted: Nigella is on this list, as she should be.

    This is one fantastic list and a fabulous collection of pictures of these women.

    Most of these ladies are unfamiliar to me, but I highly commend you for recognizing Ingrid Hoffman, Sandra Lee, Robin Miller, Kat Cora and Nigella Lawson.

    These women are incredibly beautiful and not only do they show us how to create great tasting meals, but they are very sexy as well.

    Maybe I should go back to school and study culinary arts…

  6. aj Says:

    Rachael Ray does not belong on this list… not only is she not hot, but she’s not a chef either. In the set of Kora pictures, i believe that’s actually Donatella Arpaia on the left.

  7. Ricky Says:

    How is Sunny Anderson not further up this list? She should be in the top 5 at least, if not number 1. In addition to being a good chef and being quite attractive, she’s also thick and curvaceous-meaning she’s closer to an ideal woman than these stick-thin model bitches who happen to have picked up a few cooking chops.

  8. EZ 2 Please Says:

    What about Julia Child?
    Back when they used gun powder to take pictures, she was hot as hell

  9. Houstonwino Says:

    Sandra Lee? UGH! Other than that, great list. Sandra Lee??? She couldn’t boil water unless it came in a *^%#ing box. Now Nigella…yum!

  10. Hookpunch Says:

    Anna Olson is another hot Canadian chef.

  11. sdaf Says:

    ray is a mutt. terrible list.

  12. brian Says:

    OMG You cant make a hottest chefs list if Giada is not number 1 you idiot. And rachel ray anywhere on this list? you gotta be kidding me….

  13. Evan Says:

    Betheny for number 2 and Shahena for number 3

  14. sam Says:

    Giada has a gigantic head , is that considered hot now? She’s like the celebrity chef sister of southparks Timmy.

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  16. gb Says:

    My top four would be:

    1) Sargon
    2) La Fountain
    3) Cora
    4) Lawson

    The rest are even

  17. half fast cook Says:

    And just where in the heck is Paula Dean?
    If you want to talk about alright looks, a wonderfully charming personality and being a hell of a chef/cook, Paula should sure be on the list!

  18. totally straight Says:

    I was half expecting to see Emeril Lagasse take the top spot. He wears a mean speedo.

  19. DW Says:

    What a bunch of pissers and moaners. Like any of you internet pervs would kick any of these ladies out of your house if they actually looked in your direction. Stfu.

  20. hornet Says:

    what about lydia? she may be old but she has a HUGE rack and yes, giada should by #1

  21. tom mandory Says:

    so your list is based on how many nude pics she has done?

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  23. AC Slater Says:

    Where the **** is my Barefoot Contessa? Or Paula Dean?! Are half of these women even real cooks? Give me a double chin and a full serving of double-fudge chocolate cake with extra whip cream any day over these anorexic botox wannabes. Never trust a skinny chef!

  24. Jean Poole Says:

    Why are the majority of these 1 thru 20 spaces filled by chests rather than chefs?

  25. JuileJewel Says:

    also Catherine McCord…former Victoria’s Secret model turned organic-kid-chef

    her site is

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  27. CICI Says:

    This list is biased! Sara Moulton is a great chef, just because she is a little nerdy doesn’t mean she shoulda been left off… !!!

  28. Howard Says:

    C’mon Kat Cora? I thought this was a list for the top 20 women chefs not men. She exudes femininity out like a box of sand. Yuck!

  29. Nickoli Says:

    This list is terrible there are no real chefs, there are already plenty of websites about hot women. You guys should have done a little more research and added some real chefs like Elena arzak or Carme ruscalleda’s very talented and attractive

  30. BITTER Says:

    Sunny’s cute, but that weave is bad – it looks way artificial.

  31. Cook @ FUKKAD Says:

    great collection, now I know that being a Chef is my future career!! but i would love to have some ‘cooking’ classes with some of them to hone my skills!

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  34. We Are Never Full Says:

    i don’t even think i could name 3 hot male celeb chefs. oh wait… that mario batali is ****ing hot.

  35. whatever Says:

    Newsflash! Just because someone has a cooking show on TV, it doesn’t mean they are a CHEF. So, with the exception of the two professional chefs on that list, all others are just hacks.

  36. Mark F Says:

    Tina Nordstrom is cute, but she cooks some of the most disgusting looking slop I’ve ever seen.

  37. ts Says:

    How about Allie Lewis Clapp of “Everyday Food”? She’s got the wholesome girl-next-door who will whip up a gourmet meal (Le Cordon Bleu grad) before you finish your apres-sex shower. Unfortunately, Martha Stewart forces her to dress frumpy on that show.

  38. ts Says:

    But kudos for Sara la Fountain. Not only does she makes Finnish home-cooking sound delicious, but she just can’t hide those DD-cup breasts!

  39. cugel Says:

    Giada De Laurentiis #2 !?!?!?!?!

    Thin lips, sharp spiky nose, square face, winner of the Conan O’Brien look-alike contest! She should be on the list of 20 top “dog” celebrity chefs.

  40. Gratefoole Says:

    C’mon, you guys! Anyone knows it’s a matter of personal taste- both the hotness of the ladies AND their “chef-worthyness”. I find Rachael Ray quite appealing & her food looks great to me- although the cutesyness of her “stoups” & “sammies” wears a bit thin! All of these women are quite attractive & talented whether or not they’re “real” chefs. (But Sanda Lee does scare me ’cause she looks a bit like Ann Coulter!) {YIKES!!}

  41. Mari Says:

    What about Donatella Arpaia?
    She is such a hot chef…

  42. matador 69 Says:

    Sara La Fountain , omg , i will eat her cookies anytime

  43. Gerry Stoutz Says:

    Laura Calder is the best looking woman out of all the Chefs. I like her style very much. I could love her to death. She is so Sexy. I can’t stop looking at her pretty face.

  44. Andreas Says:

    Rachael Ray 20???????????
    Cat Cora only 6?????????
    Padma 1????????????
    i an not ok with this…..

  45. Craig M Says:

    Not that she deserves top 5 or even 10, but I believe Claire Robinson smokes several of these on the list.

  46. Daren Moore Says:

    Ingrid Hoffman #1 hands down Claire Robinson with that smokey voice and beautiful smile #2 Sandra Lee? are you drunk

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