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J.K. Adams Large Maple Barbeque Board

24 x 16 Inch BBQ-2416 | Hardwood Carving

Posted by JT Hats

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J.K. Adams Large Maple Barbeque Board A full two feet long and sixteen inches wide, the J.K. Adams BBQ-2416 Maple Barbeque Board provides enough room to carry a large turkey without overlapping the edges of the board. Juices and sauces stay on the tray, caught by the trough milled into the circumference of this large rock maple serving board.

Designed for outdoor barbeque service as well as indoor dining, the laminated solid maple tray is a full inch in thickness -- actually lighter than the original models J.K. Adams manufactured until 2003, and easier to carry. The curves in the juice moat mark the location of fingerholds cut into the bottom of the tray. Extra grip means extra balance when carrying slippery and awkwardly weighted cooked meats. Use it in the dining room for carving roasted meat and poultry or as the base for a centerpiece dish.

The finish protects the wood from stains and heat damage, but oiling the board with cooking or mineral oil occasionally gives it continued protection against moisture. Sugar maple is one of the best choices of wood for cutting boards, and the barbeque board holds up well to both carving knife and carving fork.

Cleanup is easy -- just wash the board in warm water with a mild detergent. This serving tray isn't designed for machine dishwashing -- a quick dip and rinse is enough. Leaving the board in water for long periods could cause warping or splitting. Make sure the board is completely dry before storing it away.

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