Kanetsune Gyuto | Professional Chef’s Knife from Seki, Japan | Damascus VG-10 Steel

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Kanetsune Gyuto You’ve got to digest a few things when checking out this knife you may never have heard of.

First off, the style. It’s a gyuto – basically the Japanese equivalent of a western chef’s knife – an all-purpose knife sharp enough to cut through multiple meats, vegetables, and fish.

Next up, the brand. Kanetsune is not well known for producing kitchen knives, but they make great ones. Starting with their VG-10 core, these knives are intended to rival the mighty Shun Classic knife.

Kanetsune’s version of the gyuto blade is just as it was meant to be: sharp, strong, and made for longevity. It’s available with a blade length of 8.30-inches (210mm) or 9.4 inches (240mm).

Like the Shun, it’s crafted from genuine 17-layer Damascus steel over a VG-10 core.

The plywood handle comes in basic black with two silver bolsters, and is treated with an anti-microbial polish

Kanetsune makes their knives in Seki, Japan, well known as the Japanese “knife city” equivalent to Germany’s Solingen.

Find this Kanetsune Gyuto Knife:

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