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Kyocera Kyotop Damascus

Best Ceramic Chef’s Knife | 6 Inch Blade | Pakka Wood Handle

Posted by Ken

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Kyocera Kyotop Damascus Pakka WoodWe recently wrote about the Kyocera Revolution Ceramic Chef's Knife and spent a fair amount of that space discussing the pros and cons of ceramic. You should check out that post for the details.

For those who want a quick recap, though, ceramic knives are a good alternative to stainless steel knives. They're typically sharper, lighter and hold their edges longer. Ceramic can chip or shatter when dropped, though, so you should handle this knife carefully.

Kyocera is the most well-known company producing ceramic knives. This Kyotop is their high-end knife. It's been heat-treated twice, which increases the ceramic's already-high wear resistance.

The six-inch blade has a damascus-like pattern, which is all the rage right now in high-end kitchen cutlery. If you display it on a magnetic knife rack, it'll be sure to draw some "oohs" and "aahs."

The handles are black pakkawood, a resin-injected hardwood that is quite wear-resistant as well.

If you're looking for a sharp stainless steel knife that requires very little maintenance, this one makes an excellent choice.

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