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Lord Dragon Katana Sword Set by Trademark Global

Full Tang Wakizashi & Tanto w/ Display Stand

Posted by JT Hats

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Lord Dragon Katana Sword Set byPlace this three-sword set from Trademark Global towards the top of the list of display-only katana sword sets. Although the swords do have an anime flair, construction is solid and the design really catches the attention.

With full tang blades of 440 high carbon stainless steel, the set of three Lord Dragon display swords shouldn't be used for cutting practice -- but you will enjoy the feel of these nicely balanced blades. Arranged on the black wooden stand which accompanies the set, the swords offer inspiration for fans of gaming and anime epics as well as the sword enthusiast. Tsuba and pommel of cast brass give the swords a strong look, even though the matching grip is less solid. A sheet of embossed pressed metal wraps the wooden foundation of the handle, pinned in place securely through one side of the metal cover. Matching brass fittings on the black-lacquered wooden scabbards continue the dragon theme, but the cast brass dragon pommels steal the show.

The set will take up considerable space on the desktop with a katana 38 inches long, a wakizashi 32 inches long, and a 20-inch tanto dagger. The wooden display stand offers very little stability unless secured to a wall. Each blade shows a false hamon or tempering mark, but none of the swords includes a blood groove or hi. If you're a stickler for traditional detail, you'll find plenty of differences between this modern conception and the practical weapons of old Japan. This collectible sword set does meet the expectations of many modern sword collectors looking for physical weapons to match their virtual world experience.

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