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MAC Professional Chef’s Knife

8″ MTH-80 | Best Budget Chef’s Knife

Posted by Ken

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MAC Professional Chef's Knife MAC makes some incredible knives. They don't have the prominence or the marketing budget enjoyed by more well-known brands like Shun or Wusthof, but their knives are every bit as good.

The Superior series deserves the press it gets for being a great value, but the Professional knives are the ones that go toe-to-toe with the big boys and do quite well.

This MTH-80 is their flagship knife, the 8" Chef's knife that should be the bread-and-butter of any serious cook's kitchen.

The blade is one of the sharpest edges you'll ever encounter out of the box. It's made of a unique high-carbon alloy that includes molybdenum, vanadium and tungsten carbide.

Those ingredients allow it to be very hard and, as a result, very sharp. They also help it retain its edge and provide stain-resistance.

This knife is not meant to be left soaking in water, nor should it go through the dishwasher. If you're willing to put up with that minor inconvenience, then prepare to be extremely happy with this knife.

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