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Messermeister Kitchen Prep Set of 3

Meridian Elite Trio w/ Scalloped Bread Knife, Paring & Chef’s

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Messermeister Kitchen Prep Set of 3 This set of three useful knives offers a good look at the quality and workmanship of Messermeister, an established German cutlery company which only began marketing in the U.S. in 1984. If you're familiar with Henckels and Wusthof, you'll recognize the style of Solingen, Germany, but there are some differences here as well.

Full tang blades and forged bolsters mark a traditional design popular in Europe and America for many years, but instead of the repetitive handle pattern of better-known German companies, Messermeister offers a refined grip. The slim handle profile of the 3-1/2-inch paring knife in this set improves the balance between the handle and the taper ground stainless steel blade. The well-rounded handle slabs of the Messermeister handle design increase comfort in use without reducing grip strength.

Instead of the usual straight-edged serrated bread knife, Messermeister prefers the slightly concave and scalloped edge shown in this nine-inch pastry knife. Designed to cut accurately through hard crusts and tender loaves, the scalloped edge slices without compacting the structure of bread, cake, or rolls. A rocking cut slips quickly through the tough bottom crust of home baked bread.

The genuine workhorse knife of the set would be the eight-inch plain edge chef's knife. Since the forged bolster does not extend the full width of the blade, you get the strength of a forged design but with improved cutting edge access. The Messermeister Chef's Knife is capable of many different chores in the kitchen, from light chopping and dividing large cuts of meat to mincing and dicing of herbs. Each part of the blade has a different specialty.

Messermeister backs their knives with a lifetime 100% product satisfaction guarantee.

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