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Messermeister Meridian Elite Boning Knife

Full Tang Flexible Forged 6 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Messermeister Meridian Elite BoningMessermeister's Meridian Elite 6" boning knife overcomes one of the drawbacks of what is otherwise a very efficient forged pattern. Many of the older German cutlery patterns feature the same full bolster forged blades. That makes these old designs very strong, but the bolster does sometimes interfere with the work. In a knife where sliding the blade neatly and accurately along the bone of a carcass is essential, a bolster limits full use of the edge.

The unique feature of the Elite boning knife is the reduced and tapered bolster, still enough to strengthen the critical juncture between blade and handle but toned down enough to slide through a joint of meat or a poultry carcass without stopping short. Honing steels access the full length of the cutting edge instead of everything but the last quarter inch. The Elite boning knife also works on fish as a filet knife because of its thin and flexible high carbon stainless steel blade.

Cleanup is always important, but even more so when cutting meat. The triple stainless steel rivets bond the dark polymer handles solidly to the steel tang. Handle slabs fit tight against the bolster, giving fats, juices and germs no place to hide. The handle shape resists slipping either forward or backward even when the knife gets slick. Though the knife blade is small, the handle provides enough width for a firm and comfortable grip. There's enough handle here to provide the leverage you need to guide the blade.

As with most of today's fine cutlery steel, the Meridian Elite is dishwasher safe but survives much better with a hand wash and dry in mild detergent. Sharpen with a honing steel before use.

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