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Mini Circular Saw Makita Cordless 5090DW

Interchangeable Blades for Woodworking, Tile & Masonry

Posted by JT Hats

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Mini Circular Saw Makita CordlessWith a blade 3 3/8 inches in diameter, the Makita 5090DW seems like a toy, but it's built with the professional quality you expect from Makita and well-designed for the most efficient cutting of thinner stock.

Cutting depth at a 90-degree setting reaches 55/64 inches, good enough for 3/4-inch plywood and solid planks. At a 45-degree bevel setting the cutting depth drops to 45/64, only enough for clean cutting of 1/2 stock but still very useful. With blade choices appropriate for woodworking, cutting synthetics, tile, and masonry, you'll find many applications for this handy tool.

The smaller blade diameter allows the saw to cut without wasting power on blade friction. If the job involves cutting lots of thin sheets of wood, rows of hardwood dowels, or any other material within the range of this saw, you'll be able to do more work before switching out batteries or recharging. Since the saw runs at 1,000 rpm, you get the work done quickly but maintain full control. The four-pound saw handles easily and fits into tighter spaces than a standard circular saw, so it's a boon for remodelers, too.

The tilting saw base adjusts and locks anywhere from 45 to 90 degrees, and the blade itself locks for easier replacement. The kit includes a hex wrench for switching out blades, one rechargable battery, one combination blade suited for woodworking but not masonry, and a charging station. For continuous work you'll need at least one more battery, and for cutting metal or the impossible jobs like granite and glass you'll need a better selection of blades, including the diamond-grit cutting wheel.

For a portable circular saw with more cutting depth, see the Makita Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw.

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