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Mythos Fantasy Battle Axe by Paul Elhers

Includes Dragon Sculpture Art Stand, Collector Certificate

Posted by JT Hats

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Mythos Fantasy Battle Axe by PaulThe Mythos Fantasy Axe by Paul Elhers is much more sculpture than knife. Produced by Fantasy Master, this ten-pound replica piece of heavy cast metal does incorporate a stainless steel axe blade, but the axe certainly isn't the most striking thing about it.

Custom knife designer Paul Elhers might be better known for his role as Madman Marz, the psychotic killer in the classic '80s horror film by the same name. Since his memorable portrayal of that fearsome character, Elhers has made his living in New York City, designing unique artistic pieces based on his own concepts of knives and axes, but focusing on the art. The Mythos Fantasy Axe was the first piece Elhers produced in partnership with Master Cutlery. The original piece sold for over ten thousand dollars.

The hand-carved Paul Elhers sculpture reproduced here represents a mystical creature -- part man, part serpent, or perhaps part dragon. Details really are intricate, and most photos don't show the fine workmanship the piece displays. Rippling veined muscles, belly scales with a realistic organic look, and a flawless expression on the face of the mythical creature show that Elhers is a master of anatomy as well as fantasy art. Considering Paul Elhers's previous role as Madman Marz, the Mythos Axe looks much more functional when held in his hand as he explains how the sculpture becomes the handle of the weapon. There's actually balance to the piece, in a practical way.

The Mythos Axe includes a synthetic marble display stand with a simple stainless steel frame that braces the statue in upright position. A certificate of authenticity accompanies this example of Paul Elhers's best fantasy art.

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