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NEWS: Foul-Mouthed Chef to Partner With Mild-Mannered Bladesmith

Posted by Ken on Sep 13

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I got a kick out of this story.

Basically, Master Bladesmith Takamura will be partnering with Gordon Ramsay to produce, market and sell 1,000 high-end Chef's knives.

It's good news for blade fans - the Takamura family has been quietly producing excellent-quality blades for 700 years! And Gordon Ramsay is no celebrity poseur either. You might not like his somewhat-abrasive personality, but his pursuit of excellence is admirable and his show "Kitchen Nightmares" is always entertaining.

What gives me a chuckle is the thought of the two of them actually collaborating on this project. I'm guessing that Takamura-san would be just a little bit offended by Mr. Ramsay's brashness.

Hopefully the blades won't suffer!

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