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Peter’s Sword From The Chronicles of Narnia Movie

Rhindon Aslan Hand and a Half Fantasy Blade

Posted by JT Hats

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Peter's Sword From The Chronicles ofThis replica sword replicates the important details of Rhindon, the claymore carried by Peter Pevensie in his many battles to save the Kingdom of Narnia. Although this is obviously a display quality sword, the construction is surprisingly solid.

Peter's sword is only a little bit fancy, with a sculpted lion's head pommel plated with imitation gold and a hand-and-a-half style grip nearly 11 inches long and covered with genuine leather. At four pounds, it's a two-hander for most modern people, but the design closely resembles true battlefield weapons -- built for one-handed use but with a grip long enough for a powerful two-handed swing when needed. The 47-inch sword sports a fullered blade of 440 high carbon stainless steel, shaped with double edges but not truly sharp. Etched in the fullered groove are the words: "When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets its death." The plain cross-guard of nickel silver matches the style of the sword presented to Peter in the Narnia movie.

Fans of the Chronicles of Narnia should enjoy the quality of the sword's workmanship and the attention paid to the fine points of the sword from both movie and story. Peter originally received the sword from Father Christmas, but the blade traveled with him through numerous campaigns, even spending more than a thousand years in a Narnian cave while Peter and his companions ducked back to finish up the remainder of their childhood in England. Upon his return to the kingdom, Peter reclaimed his sword.

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