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Mundial Cook’s Knife from 5600 Series, 10 Inch

Antibacterial Polypropylene Handle 5610-10

Posted by JT Hats

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Mundial Cook's Knife from 5600 Series,Designed for the professional cook, Mundial's 5600 series -- including this 10-inch Cook's Knife -- is also one of today's best choices for the home kitchen. Quality rivals the popular and economical Forschner/Victorinox product line, and the value per dollar may be today's best cutlery deal.

Mundial created this Cook's Knife by stamping a blank from cold, rolled high carbon stainless steel. After heat-treating and polishing, the polypropylene handle is permanently molded around the knife's full handle tang. Sanitizing compounds in the handle material prevent the growth of molds, yeasts, and bacteria and eliminate many of the contamination and odor problems associated with frequently used kitchen tools. All Mundial 5600 knives meet the sanitary standards of the NSF.

Since this knife was built for the restaurant and food service professional who works repetitively and for long hours, special attention was given to grip comfort and safety. Each knife is individually matched to its handle and trimmed for perfect balance, resulting in a blade that causes less fatigue and less stress over the long haul. The flat ground blade's plain edge is beveled with the European standard angle of about 25 degrees and tempered for a sharp edge that won't chip and yet restores easily. Cutting performance in laboratory testing doesn't match a higher quality knife like Global, but these durable blades should be much easier for the ordinary person to maintain.

The Mundial 10-inch Cook's Knife with Polypropylene Handle may be too large for some hands, but a smaller 8-inch Cook's Knife from Mundial is also available.

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